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Do Dietary Supplements Work?

Do Dietary Supplements Work?


Dietary Supplements: What You Need to Know

Many adults and children in the United States take one or more dietary supplements on a daily basis. In addition to vitamins, supplements contain a wide variety of herbs, minerals, enzymes all meant to allow individuals achieve the adequate amount of minerals to be consumed every day or depending on the schedule a person has. 

Are they Effective?

Studies have shown supplements and vitamins to be very effective in helping individuals achieve the level of nutrients a person needs. However contrary to popular belief supplements cannot take place of the variety of foods a person should eat regularly. Often the case is to take a supplement after eating a meal or snack for your body to break down the food and supplement allocating key nutrients to different places in the body. 


How are they made?

Supplements have to be made in FDA mandated conditions. That means a proper factory in compliance with the FDA as well as proper labs to conduct the formulation of every pill/supplement. When shopping for supplements it is important to ask whether a business receives their supplements from a FDA approved lab since risk from a business without approval could be dangerous. Luckily NutritionHealth operates in a FDA approved lab and if any customer would like to know more we are happy to provide the information and details about how we do our way of making. 


Choosing a Supplement

It is hard to find the right dietary supplement however here are a few tips we recommend:

1. Consult your physician in identifying what supplement you might need as everyone's vitamin levels are different.

2. Look at key ingredients for any supplement the more natural is what we believe to be better and more beneficial

3. Read newsletters and articles about supplements and there benefits and see which fits you personally. 

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