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What Are The Different Types Of Vitamins?

What Are The Different Types Of Vitamins?






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What Types of Vitamins are there? 

Choosing a type of Vitamin can be challenging so we included a few tips in choosing a vitamin or supplement that best fits your needs. 

The Two Types of Vitamins

1. Water Soluble 

 Water Soluble vitamins are a group of vitamins that share a few key characteristics which are:

- they dissolve in water

- any excess amounts of the vitamin in your body will be passed through urine

- they are usually processed by your body once food has entered your body

Such vitamins that are water-soluble include B vitamins (1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 12) and vitamin C


2. Fat-soluble Vitamins

Fat-Soluble Vitamins are vitamins which get absorbed in the body. Key characteristics they have are: 

-They get absorbed in body fat

-They can be stored in the body

Fat-Soluble Vitamins include: A, D, E and K



What are vitamins good for?

Vitamins have multiple functions and are essential to your well-being and to maintain normal body functions (good eyesight, energy levels, cell growth, bone health, a healthy immune system, blood coagulation, etc.). Your body needs sufficient vitamins to function properly.

Were are vitamins found?

Vitamins and minerals are found in fruits and vegetables. Hence adopting a healthy diet is very important. 

What are some symptoms of vitamin deficiency?

Symptoms of vitamin fatigue include:

- depression

- cramps

- fatigue 

- lack of energy 

- mood swings


Is there such a thing as taking too much vitamins?

Yes there is an issue with taking to many supplements and vitamins. Taking to much vitamins can lead to nausea and illness. That is why supplements and vitamins are usually supposed to be taken only once to twice a day. Determining an exact amount requires a consultation with your physician. 


Where can I get quality vitamins?

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